Embroidery is sown on the products with a specific indusstrial sowing machine according to customer orders. There are several different thread colours available, but we use a so-called mild complementary colour which has proven the best alternative according to our experience. It makes the embroidery permanently visible but not too pronounced.

You can choose name embroidery as an extra option for several products such as robes, bath towels and wrap towels. For example first name embroidery costs 12 €.

Embroidery is usually made:

  • on the breast “on top of the heart" in bathrobes
  • on the bottom right hand-side in bath towels
  • on the pocket in wrap towels and Velcro towels

How to order embroidery for your products

  • write the text you want to be embroidered in the notifications field in the shopping basket (e.g. ’Dorothy’ or ’Matt 50 years’)
  • if you order several products with a different name embroidery, write clearly which name belongs to which product
  • be sure to check the size of the recipient of your gift (e.g. bathrobe) – embroidered products cannot be returned or replaced
  • If you are unsure, we are happy to help you with choosing the right size for the bathrobe

Embroidery is made subtly but clearly with the complementary colour of the product colour If you wish to have a particular colour, e.g. red embroidery – just ask, we can do it for you!

If there is anything unclear in the order information we will contact you. We want to make sure that you get the right products right away!