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Sports towel/seat cover

Product no.: 0319-045-060-63

Small, handy towel with Sport symbols.

16.00 €

Sport rolltowel

Sportstowel is the solution to how to fit more in the suite case or gym bag: you can roll up the towel into a small roll. Towel, inspite its big size 80 x 145 cm, doesn't take lots of room and the damp towel-roll will not make the whole inside of the bag wet.

from 55.00 €

Sports Golf towel

Product no.: 0342-045-060-63

Small, handy towel with Golf symbols.

17.00 €

Sports Gym towel

Product no.: 0336-045-060-63

Small, handy towel with Gym symbols.

16.00 €

Sports seat cover (long)

Product no.: 2119-045-160-63

Seat covers with Sport and Golf patterns.

34.00 €

Sports Golf seat cover

Product no.: 2142-045-160-63

Seat covers with Sport and Golf patterns.

34.00 €