Villa-pyyhe, beige/valkoinen

Villa-pyyhe, beige/valkoinen

Tuotenro: 2013-34

Asiakasarviot: Villa-pyyhe, beige/valkoinen

Arvioiden lukumäärä: 2
Arvioiden keskiarvo: 5
Exceptional Quality
käyttäjältä päiväys: 10.8.2019
I have been purchasing Jokipiin Villa linen/cotton towels for several years. There are very few companies that make linen friction towels, and from my experience those made by Jokipiin are the best. They use a very high quality of linen, have a thick nap, and if washed properly they are very durable and will last several years. My preference is to hang dry these towels so that they have their "friction" feel when used. If put into a drier the wall be much softer if that is someone's preference.

In addition to the products, customer service is great! Lastly, when I buy products I consider value being more important than lowest cost. Jokipiin products have never disappointed me, which is why these are my towels of choice.
käyttäjältä päiväys: 20.12.2018
Have been using this product for 2 years and prefer the plain ones to the striped versions. Retain dry feel and do not retain dampness. Could be about 15 cm longer.

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